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Children will use creativity, music, and movement as they explore and learn.

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My triplets love singing with INSPIRE Youth. The songs are fun and uplifting. I love that my home is filled with my kids singing songs like “True Colors” and “Peace be Still”.  Another thing that my kids enjoy about rehearsals are the workshops. They have learned about solo performance, music technique, and they even had a Disney Princess come talk about audition do’s and don’ts. INSPIRE is so much more then just singing and music though, it is about service and giving back to the community. I love that about this group. It is such a great way to teach the youth by example, and to teach them about giving of themselves. I love that INSPIRE is so much more then just a “choir”.  With all the youth of today are faced with, they need something good and wholesome, and INSPIRE gives them that. INSPIRE teaches them to be the best they can be and then to share that with those around them.

Stephanie MortensenParent

My daughter has always loved to sing, but has been too shy and self conscious to perform in front of anyone.  Since joining INSPIRE Youth, not only has she made great friends and had lots of fun, but she has gained confidence in herself and her abilities. The confidence she has acquired by performing for others has carried over to other aspects of her life giving her more confidence in school and other settings. Also, the directors of INSPIRE have been amazing in the support and encouragement that they provide for all of the youth. They are not only concerned with producing good singers, but in creating an environment where service, compassion, and love for music and others is fostered. It has truly been an inspiring experience to be a part of this talented group of youth.

Kim DeakyneA grateful mom

INSPIRE is headed up by directors with talent, vision and altruistic motives. Because of this, I can highly recommend the quality of their groups and the goals of their organization. Congrats to INSPIRE for daring to make a difference in so many lives through the powerful medium of great music!

Michele BaerInspirational Singer/Songwriter and Speaker - MicheleBaerMusic.com

INSPIRE gives in so many ways: the audience it gives the opportunity to be loved, to hear the Master’s voice through inspired music and thoughts. To the members of INSPIRE it provides them another avenue to share their testimony, to literally experience singing with angels and it gives them a deeper love for those who willingly give of themselves to provide such an incredibly rewarding experience. INSPIRE truly brings light into our world.

Tim FilichiaFounder/Director of LIGHT Entertainment Company