INSPIRE Studio Info Page

This page will be updated regularly with studio announcements, events, and other pertinent information.


Recreational classes – non-audition, non-competing classes. 

All rec classes start on August 7th.

4469 E Baseline Road (Southeast corner of Greenfield and Baseline). Front door is located on the West side of the building.

$40 registration fee ($60 for a family) for the season, monthly tuition, and costume fees ($85 each for most rec costumes – Hip Hop & Tumbling classes are usually less). More details:

Bring your required shoes, water bottle, and smile! Have your hair done and clothes on ready to go! Label your dance shoes and water bottle prior to arrival.

Students in Recreational classes will be in 2 performances; an In-Studio Showcase in December and an End of Year Showcase in May. For the May Showcase, you will be required to purchase a costume (payments in November & January) in order to participate. You can opt-out of the May performance if you choose, but must be communicated to office.

Log in at with the email associated with your account. If you haven’t logged in to the parent portal before, you will have to select forgot password and enter the email you have on file.

On your online account, you can make payments, see your account balance and past payments, add a class or student, see current enrollment, which rooms your classes are in and MORE!

You can see your full registration, including teachers, room number, and more on the online portal!

Your registration will continue through May 2024.

Monthly tuition remains the same each month regardless of breaks, holidays, illness, personal vacations, or any other reason for missing a class. Contact the office for makeup class options.

We have an in house boutique! Contact the boutique with questions, for updated hours, or to schedule an appointment. Email – Website –

We always gladly accept donations of bandaids, hair ties, bobby pins, feminine products, clorox wipes, and tissues!

Yes, our lost and found is located in the student lounge. It is donated at the end of every month.

Below is a studio map, find your room so you know where to go for your class!

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