Fun Ways to Entertain Your Kids As The Weather Heats Up

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As we ease into the fall and winter, the weather outside will inevitably become frightful for some. We will miss the days when we could send the kids outside for some fresh air and sunshine while we got things done. Now is a great time to tap into your personal creativity so that you can find ways to keep the little ones busy, especially if you work from home.

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Entertainment + Education = Excellence

One of the best things about keeping the kids entertained indoors is that you can also incorporate educational concepts into their playtime. A few tips here include watching educational TV shows or doing a fun worksheet, which they can turn in later for free time. There’s no shame in using technology here, especially if they’re not allowed too much screen time during the normal day. Combining technology with education is a great way to entice the kids to use their devices, and they won’t be tempted to bother you in the middle of your next Zoom meeting..

Teach them to cook.

Cooking is not only a fun way to spend time indoors with your children, but it is also a valuable life skill that they have to learn eventually. There are many simple recipes you can prepare with the kids, including spaghetti, sandwiches, and omelets. The Lean Green Bean Blog offers lots of mom-approved advice for getting little ones in the kitchen without causing undue stress and anxiety.

Take dance classes.

Ok, this one is a little self-serving, but it’s true! Just because you’re indoors doesn’t mean you have to stay at home. INSPIRE Entertainment offers dance classes for children aged 2 to adults. Your kids will enjoy social activities along with age-appropriate music and costumes. And, if they find that they enjoy performance and competition, they will still have time to spend with the family.

Turn cleaning into a competition.

Cleaning the house doesn’t have to be boring, and there are plenty of ways to make it anything but a chore. Seattle YMCA notes that you can host a sock-match race or let the kids dress up in whatever costume they like while they clean. If you have older kids, you can even turn it into a competition to see whose before and after room photo shows the most progress.

Play family-family games.

There are many family-friendly games that will entertain your entire crew. Apples to Apples, Operation, and Jenga are all kid-approved favorites. You can even take simple household materials, such as cardboard, a ruler, markers, or a protractor, to make your own game.

When the outdoors refuses to cooperate with your children’s energy levels, you have to look for ways to keep them entertained and excited inside. Whether that’s letting them watch an educational movie on the computer while you work, teaching them to cook in your spare time, or making your own board game, the tips above are a great start. Remember, the only thing you’re limited by here is your imagination, so get those creative juices flowing and enjoy your winter when the weather says to stay indoors.

At INSPIRE, we believe in the power of arts and the importance of family. We strive to strike the right balance between our offerings and letting kids still be kids! Come check out any class for FREE!

A special thanks to Lillian Brooks for contributing this article.