Our Dance Mission

INSPIRE Dance Company aims to provide quality training in less hours and for less money than other top studios do so that you can have more family balance in your lives. Our company does compete, however our focus is on dance education and on fully experiencing the art of dance in a deeper way than could happen if we were always in a competition mindset.

Why INSPIRE Dance?

  • Elite training groups
  • Experienced faculty
  • Flexible Training Hours/Evaluations/Custom home training plans
  • Great prices
  • Positive, professional, productive, INSPIRING class environment
  • Master Classes/Guest Choreographers
  • Performance, service, competition, and international travel
  • A broadened mentality regarding the art of dance
  • Professional job opportunities
  • Fabulous modest costumes
  • Dancers scheduled to allow time for family and other activities
  • No Sundays


Level I – $220 / month

Level II – $260 /month

$300 / company unlimited


$50-100 / costume


  • Mondays, Wednesdays, & Saturdays
  • One Saturday off each month for family time
  • Times vary based on the level dancers are placed in
  • Additional training is also available
  • Full schedule can be found here