INSPIRE Tumbling

Condition, Strengthen, Empower

INSPIRE Tumbling is a complimentary class option to dance as well as a fantastic stand alone class to improve overall core strength, flexibility and stamina.

INSPIRE has four different skill level classes for ages 3-18.

Click below to see class availability and class level descriptions.

Level 1
front rolls, back rolls, dive rolls, hand stands, cartwheels, backbend, crab walk, splits 

Level 2
cartwheels, one & two-handed, good side and bad side cartwheels, backbend,  backbend kick-over, handstand bridge, front limber, roundoff
Level 3
back walkover, front walkover, near and far arm one-handed cartwheel (both sides), power roundoff, start learning back handsprings & ariels
Level 4
back handspring, roundoff back handspring, side ariel, front ariel, standing tuck, roundoff tuck