The Life Project

#thelifeproject is a social media movement aimed at helping anyone that struggles with social mood disorders. These challenges include anxiety, depression, fear, self-doubt and many others, and can lead to much more severe side-effects like cutting or suicide.

INSPIRE’s goal with this movement is to give a safe space for everyone, but especially teens, to share their struggles and what they do each day to overcome them. Its hope in this effort was to give those that struggle the knowledge that their life matters and that they are not alone.

So, our invitation is for you to join the conversation. Share what you do to overcome each day’s challenges and encourage others to do the same!

Part of INSPIRE’s mission and vision is to lift hearts and inspire other’s through music, education, and service. And its non-profit INSPIRE Music is leading the effort to inspire healing for those that are seeking it.

Below you’ll find some helpful resources to cope with social mood disorders and what you can do to find help and give help.

Additional Resources