Tips to Help you Blow Away Your Next Audition

Whether you are a dancer, musician, singer, or actor, auditions are a crucial part of your performing journey. While auditions are exciting as it means new opportunities, the process can also be overwhelming. However, there is no need to get too worried. Here are a couple of tips to help you blow away your next audition.

  • Practice

    First, you need to practice. Talent can take very far, but to master your craft you need to practice. Practicing will help ensure when you audition, you perform at your best potential. Practicing will also help you build up your confidence in your art and help ease some of the audition nerves. Making a schedule for when you will practice will also help make sure you get enough practice time before the big day.

  • Make Sure To Understand the Role

    When going in for an audition you are trying to impress the people whose show it is. Therefore, you want to make sure you understand what the directors are looking for. In the case of a musical, know the character you are auditioning for. In the case of dance, understand the dances and style the directors are looking for. At the same time, remember to be original. Take those characters and dances and add your special flare to them.

  • Hydrate

    Make sure to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water to avoid having your mouth become dry. Certain herbal teas can help better prepare your throat and mouth. Simple preparation like this can help give you an advantage.

  • Words of Affirmation

    Speak words of affirmation to yourself. This will help give you confidence to knock out your auditions. Tell yourself

    “I’ve prepared so I know I got this”

    “My talent is enough to impress the directors”

    “I believe in myself”

  • Warm up Exercises

    Just like you should never go into a workout before warming up, the same goes for auditions. In the case of singing, do certain vocal exercises to prepare your voice before auditioning. In the case of dancing, remember to stretch and have your body ready for any movements the dances will require.

  • Relax

    Even though auditions can be very stressful, remember to relax. After preparing, all you can do is try your best. Whether or not you get the role is ultimately up to the casting directors. Remember that this one audition will not be the only opportunity you get. Trust in your talent and know you have it all in you to succeed.

So join us. INSPIRE and it’s talented staff will help prepare you for any audition you may have in the future.

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