Tap Co is for advanced students who want to excel at tap dance. Each week brings new and challenging choreography with a special focus on tap technique to ensure rhythmic precision and clarity in sound. Students will learn to execute advanced steps in many tap styles, and become comfortable with improvisation through group exercises and games.

Tap Co teams compete 3-4 times a year, and in addition to team dances, participate in unique projects like story-based production numbers and music videos that give students the opportunity to be featured in small groups and as soloists.

The vision of INSPIRE Tap Company is to make tap relevant again through innovative choreography and tap technique.

Why Choose Us?

  • Training from multiple teachers/ choreographers
  • Flexible Training Hours
  • Great prices
  • Positive, professional, productive, INSPIRING class environment
  • Performance, service, competition, and international travel opportunities
  • Fabulous modest costumes
  • Dancers scheduled to allow time for family and other activities
  • No Sundays

Email Tap Co. Director, Taani Farnsworth at dc@inspireent.com.

Hours & Monthly Tuition

  • 2 hrs/wk of technique, conditioning, specials, and choreo
  • 1 hr/wk of rehearsals (2-3 Saturdays a month)
  • $85-175 per costume
  • Full tuition rates HERE