“Music has been known to alleviate stress by increasing the body’s release of endorphins—the feel good chemicals. New research also reveals that music produces powerful effects on the brain, promoting cognitive development, verbal skills and emotional intelligence.”  (Mary Desaulniers)


I think most people recognize that music is powerful, that it is important to have in our children’s schools, that it teaches discipline, and allows children to express emotions they can’t in other avenues of their lives. But, did you know that music can actually reduce anxiety and help children focus?

On January 5, 2015 I read an article in The Strad called, “Study Finds Musical Training May Focus Attention and Reduce Anxiety in Children” where Psychiatrists at the University of Vermont college of Medicine monitored 232 children between the ages of 6-18 to see how music affects their brains. What they found was remarkable. “Music practice influenced cortical thickness related to ‘executive functioning, including working memory, attention control, as well as organisation and planning for the future’. In children with musical backgrounds the brain was affected ‘in areas that play a critical role in inhibitory control, as well as aspects of emotion processing’.”

“Music . . . can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable.” (Leonard Bernstein)

In other words, children that get involved with music, especially those that are asked to practice music, are helping their brains to develop in a way that lead to less anxiety, better thinking, emotional communication, and so much more. This study says that music is more than just fun–it is way for parents to help their children do better in school, with their peers, and in life! Dr. James Hudziak, professor of psychiatry and director of the Vermont Center for Children, Youth, and Families, who led this study noted,

Three quarters of US high school students ‘rarely or never’ take extracurricular lessons in music or the arts. ‘Such statistics, when taken in the context of our present neuroimaging results underscore the vital importance of finding new and innovative ways to make music training more widely available to youths, beginning in childhood.’

INSPIRE Entertainment offers an opportunity for kids, beginning at an early age, to learn music and movement in creative and innovate ways, thus also helping them to develop patterns in their brains that will later help them focus in school and have less anxiety!


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