INSPIRE Tumbling Camps

June 21-25 – GILBERT

Details: $85/Week  |  *Levels: 1-2  |  Time: 12 PM – 2 PM
Details: $85/Week  |  *Levels: 3-4  |  Time: 3 PM – 5 PM

INSPIRE Tumbling Camps are structured to increase the core strength, flexibility, and precision of each student. Classes will consist of learning new tumbling techniques, fixing bad habits, and developing new skills, not to mention it will help your child impress all of their friends the next time they do tricks off the diving board! Students will be divided up into groups based on age and level on the first day.

*LEVEL REQUIREMENTS* (Students must be able to do each trick listed in one level to train with the level above it.)

Level 1
front rolls, back rolls, dive rolls, hand stands, cartwheels, backbend, crab walk, splits
Level 2
cartwheels, one & two-handed, good side and bad side cartwheels, backbend,  backbend kick-over, handstand bridge, front limber, roundoff
Level 3
back walkover, front walkover, near and far arm one-handed cartwheel (both sides), power roundoff, start learning back handsprings & ariels
Level 4
back handspring, roundoff back handspring, side ariel, front ariel, standing tuck, roundoff tuck