How Singing Benefits Your Health

Just about everyone in the world loves to sing. Whether you are singing for a church choir, in the car with friends, or by yourself singing has amazing benefits for your health. Let’s explore all the amazing effects singing has for your health.

Lower Blood Pressure

Singing can have amazing calming effects on the body. Just think of all the time you sing relaxing songs and how it makes your body feel. The amazing part is that because of this, case studies show singing actually can lower blood pressure. Doctors have even had patients sing songs in order to have their blood pressure lowered.

Lung Health

With singing it takes a lot of work with your breathing. Practicing singing will promote lung health. This will help increase lung capacity which can help reduce coughing. Promoting lung health even helps fight certain infections and lung diseases such as pulmonary hyperextension.

Posture Health

When you practice proper singing it works to improve your posture. There are many health benefits to a good posture. These benefits include improved circulation, preventing chronic pain, preventing injury, and supporting bones and joints.

Immune System

Studies have even shown singing to have amazing effects on the body’s immune system. This was done with a choir where they measured the singer’s antibodies before and after they sang a Mozart song. The antibody count was significantly higher after they sang the song. They even noticed that antibody count in those singing was even higher than people who were just listening to the song.

Brain Health

There are many health benefits associated with music and the brain. Singing releases natural antidepressants such as endorphins and oxytocin. Singing has also been shown to have amazing effects on the brain which language can not top into. For example, patients who have had a stroke and now struggle to put sentences together are still able to sing entire songs.

So as many of us have singing we don’t even realize all it does to promote good health. This is one of our goals here at our INSPIRE Music classes. We encourage children to grow into their best healthiest selves through music and performing arts in general.

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