Preschool and Dance

Preschool is such a critical time in a child’s development. In a previous blog we are able to see how certain activities in preschool help a child grow to be ready for their academic journeys. However, can dance really be that important in early childhood development? Let’s explore what makes INSPIRE so special in combining a preschool into a dance studio.


Much of preschool is about allowing children to express their creativity. The brain heavily relies on creativity as creative tasks stimulate the brain to create connections between nerve cells. Dance provides children a fun and engaging outlet to let out their creativity. Dance is especially engaging to kids of preschool age because most people will see they are not worried about perfecting their dance. At this age, children just want the opportunity to move their bodies around to the music and have fun.


Social Skills

Dancing can be done all the time, but sometimes dancing in a group is what we really need. Dancing with other children is going to help them grow their social skills and learn to work with others. For example, a dance where children hold hands and spin around in a circle is teaching a child how to interact with other children. They will need to learn how to hold the other childs hand and how to spin in a timely manner to not trip other kids.

Physical Coordination

Dance is an exercise which is going to utilize the entire body. This is going to help a child develop physical coordination. Even simple dances will engage a child’s kinesthetic memories which is crucial as a child grows up and begins to undergo different activities. This is especially important because as psychologists tell us, childhood development is reliant on physical activities.

Appreciation of Cultures

Dance is also going to teach children to appreciate other cultures when they don’t even realize it. When preschools play different types of music they begin to start appreciating differences. Playing a ragtime jazz song or an Irish jig will show children how diverse the world is. As they grow their music taste, they will also grow their appreciation of the world.

INSPIRE recognizes how dance benefits a child’s development. That’s why there’s really no place like INSPIRE which combines a preschool and a dance studio.

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