Advanced Tech & Pom, Dance Academy Instructor

Rylee fell in love with dance at a young age and danced competitively in the valley through high school. She continued her dance training at ASU where she obtained her degree in Dance. While in college she joined local dance companies to soak up as many performance opportunities as possible. Rylee then pursued dance further and received her Masters in Dance/ Education from University of NC Greensboro. 

Rylee has a love for teaching and began in the studio environment. While teaching at several studios in the valley she received numerous choreography awards and loved pushing her dancers to new levels. 

Rylee started the dance program at Casteel High School in 2015. She founded the dance company- Project 15, and the Pom Team. Under her leadership, the teams have won numerous awards, state titles, national rankings, but most importantly are known for their good character and love for one another. 

Rylee has a huge heart for dance AND instilling good values, respect, and integrity in her dancers.