Here at INSPIRE Entertainment we want to provide a place where children of all ages can come play, move, sing, explore their creative minds, and move their wiggly bodies. Literature is full of studies that tell us that children are healthier and happier if they are moving and using music in their lives. From her blog post, “The Power of Music in the Learning Process,” Roann Keen said,

Music and movement is a powerful tool, encouraging the young child to learn in fun and exciting ways.  As teachers and caregivers, we can help children to “see” into an imaginary world and create fun without the use of fancy and expensive props, toys or visuals.  Through music and movement activities, we can help children to explore the world of nature, especially when we take them outside.  Encouraging children to move, dance and sing while they are playing promotes a healthy lifestyle and often teaches them how to play.

It’s not so much about having your children in a specific type of music and movement program but more importantly that children thrive from music and movement. It helps them to become more social, stay healthy – this is becoming increasingly important as children are more and more sedimentary and are becoming more and more obese, and helps them to boost their creative juices. Connie Bergstein Dow wrote in “The Power of Creative Dance”,

Evidence is mounting about the benefits of movement in the learning process. Creative dance is the perfect vehicle for enhancing the mind-body connection in young children and an important part of early education…The creative arts, by definition, nurture these aspects of developing children. Movement allows young children to approach tasks through the body, or kinesthetically, and come up with new questions, new answers, and innovative solutions.

Come check out our music and movement classes and learn more about how this type of activity can play an essential role in the life of your children!

Mommy & Me Music & Movement  (Ages 1-3)

Musical Minis (Ages 3-4)

Fun with Music (Ages 5-7)

Treblemakers (Ages 8-10)

Rockin’ Singers (11-13)

Voices in Harmony (14-18)

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