Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford did not just one day take the world by storm, it took hard work for her to leave her mark. Let’s explore and see why Crawford is an inspiration for so many in the dancing world.

Early Life

Joan Crawford was actually born Lucille Fay LeSueur. She was born March 23 in the early 1900s—people are not quite sure of the year—in San Antonio, Texas. She began to have performing aspirations at a young age. After her parents separated when she was still an infant, her mother became married to Henry J. Cassins, an owner of an opera house. Crawford spent a lot of time at the theatre. Crawford, however, wanted to spend her time dancing. One day she even skipped piano lessons to dance on her porch where she ended up stepping on a piece of broken glass. She ended up needing medical attention and had to stop dancing for awhile. Though as soon as she was able to, she was back on feet doing what she loved most.


After Crawford finished high school she attempted to go to college for awhile but realized she wasn’t ready for it. Crawford ended up dancing for traveling revues. From this she was able to get the attention of a producer which led her to dancing on the Broadway show Innocent Eyes. After this she began dancing in silent films where she changed her name to Joan Crawford to appeal to audiences. Crawford’s big break came from the film Our Dancing Daughters where she was met with praise. After this Crawford had a long successful career in film.

Here’s a video of Crawford performing with the legendary Fred Astaire.

Some of Crawford’s Filmography

The Merry Widow (1925)

Paris (1926)

West Point (1928)

This Modern Age (1931)

Hollywood Canteen (1944)


Crawford was nominated and even won many academy awards which recognized her talents on the screen. She had even got a spot on the Board of Directors of Pepsi, being the first woman to do so. Her films live on by her dazzling and ecstatic performances she gave on screen.

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