Kenpo Karate – MESA (Thurs., 6-7 PM | 7-8 PM)

Kenpo Karate trains individuals in self-defense to improve physical coordination and teaches basic attack responses.

INSPIRE Kenpo will begin with a “bow-in” where the instructors will face the students and they will salute each other. Then the students will do a mild warm-up, which will start easy and progress as the students advance. After warm-ups, the students will be taught a new technique, set, or form. The students will practice these in the air imagining an attacker, as well as with other students. Any excess time after the planned lesson is completed will give the students the opportunity to practice skills, ask instructors questions, and make notes of what they learned that day.

Belt Progression. Students will begin as a white belt and move on to yellow, orange, purple, blue, green, brown, and finally black. Each belt requires the student to be proficient in certain material. Testing will be conducted every 6 months. This is not a definite timeline and each child may progress at different speeds.

Expectations. Students will be required to wear the Kenpo uniform to every class and arrive 5 minutes prior to class start so the class can start on time. Students must exemplify the characteristics of a good citizen in and out of the class (respect, maturity, kindness, professionalism, etc). We strive to maintain an environment that supports these principles while the students learn to defend themselves and have fun.