INSPIRE Difference
  • A family-friendly work environment.
  • Competitive pay, flexible hours and class options.
  • Opportunities to make a direct, positive impact in student lives.
  • Collaborate with talented, experienced directors, dancers, and performers.
  • Energetic and fun studio atmosphere.
  • Rewarding student growth interactions.

I love working in a space where growth is excepted! Feeling accepted as a staff member allows me to pass that on to my students. 

– Shelley Van Shaar

Meet the INSPIRE Team.

At INSPIRE, Our Values Are Everything

INSPIRE is built on solid core principles that are unchanging. When you join our team, you become a part of that foundation.

INSPIRE’s Core Values

  • More Than Music
      • Changing lives through the performing arts. We use the arts to change people and ourselves.
  • Value-Driven
      • Family-friendly studio. We teach and instil a moral compass in our students.
  • Excellence In All We Do
      • We train individuals at a high level so they never settle or become stagnant.
  • Lifestyle Choice
      • People choose INSPIRE because of our convenient, family-friendly environment and high moral standard.
  • Thought Leader
    • We strive to be the resource for individuals  entering  the performing arts fields in every market we enter.