INSPIRE Movement

After School Program

Offered at Benjamin Franklin Charter Schools

Our Mission: Part of INSPIRE Entertainment’s mission is building community, inspiring positivity, and encouraging hope through our music education and youth development programs.

Our Objective: Provide a high quality after-school program that includes music theatre, athletic skills, games, and creative arts. This program provides a great option for working parents looking for additional enrichment for their children after school.

Program Details:

Days: Monday – Friday
Hours: 4-6pm (directly following homework club).
Cost: Varies: $80-240/month
Late Fee: If student participant is not picked up by 6:05 a fee of $1 per minute will be charged to that parent’s account.


  • Parents will need to provide a copy of their child’s immunization records or a letter of exemption at the time of registration.
  • $35/$50 (individual/family) non-refundable deposit due at time of registration to secure a child’s spot in the program.
  • Tuition is due by the 1st of each month. If the monthly tuition is not paid in full, a child will not be able to participate until payment is received.
  • Payments can be made via check or cash at the BFCS Front office. Please make all checks payable to “INSPIRE Entertainment “.
  • Credit card payments are also accepted.

Program Operation:

  • Basic Schedule for Movement Program:
    3:50-4:00: Transition from Homework Club to the gym. INSPIRE Coach will review rules and the schedule for the day.
    4:10 – 4:55: First activity for the day.
    4:55 – 5:05: 10 min restroom/water/snack break.
    5:05 – 5:50: Second activity for the day.
    5:50 – 6:00: Closing group time. Gather things and prepare for pick up.
    6:00 – 6:05: Pick-up time.

Music & Theatre:

  • Children will learn about basic acting, theory, and vocal skills.
  • Music activities helping students connect to the world around them.
  • Explore movement and how it can help them communicate better in life.


  • Students experience different sports and gain basic skills. Coaches focus on fundamentals, gameplay, and having fun playing sports on teams.
  • Students will be outside on the field and inside the gym/cafeteria.
  • A rotation of different sports helps students to experience a variety of team playing games. Here is a sample of what sports will be covered:
  • Week 1: Basketball
  • Week 2: Flag Football
  • Week 3: Soccer
  • Week 4: Volleyball
  • Week 5: Ultimate Frisbee
  • Week 6: Baseball/Softball
  • Week 7: Running/Walking
  • Week 8: Hockey
  • Week 9: Coaches Choice

Board Games & Creative Arts:

  • Students will use their imagination and artistic skills to complete projects ranging from scrapbooks and frames to jewelry and painting, etc.
  • Students will participate in games and other activities that will challenge their minds to think differently and act quickly.


  • INSPIRE Entertainment will have a Movement Program Director or an INSPIRE Coach at each campus. Each Coach will be on campus Monday – Friday from 3:45-6:10 p.m. to ensure class begins on time and activities run smoothly.
  • The ratio will be roughly 1:15 (1 teacher to every 15 students).

Safety Procedures:

  • All staff will have a fingerprint clearance card.
  • All staff will be certified in CPR & FA.
  • Parents will be required to show a government-issued photo ID when they pick up their student every day. The pick-up person’s name must be on the authorized pick-up list provided at the time of registration. No one will be allowed to pick up a child if they do not show ID and are not on the authorized pick up list.
  • Children will not be left alone or unsupervised at any time during the after-school program.
  • INSPIRE Movement Director will be periodically visiting each campus to observe staff and ensure each Movement Program is operating at the level of excellence expected.