Monday – 8:30am IntensiT – Erika (@alwaysdancin_247)
Tuesday- 6:30am HIGH – Zale (@highfitnesszale)
Wednesday- 9am HIGH – Jana (@justmejanag) |  8pm HIGH w/ Caitlin (@highfitness.caitlin)
Friday- 9am Barre – Jordan (

Join IFC for a variety of Fitness and Dance Classes for adults! We offer a full suite of fitness classes, all INCLUDED in your Club subscription.

High Fitness |  Barre Fitness | IntensiT | Adult Tap

Childcare Packages

  • Kid drop-in rate is $3 per kid

Monthly Unlimited Childcare Options :

  • 1 kid:   +$10/month
  • 2 kids: +$20/month
  • 3 kids: +$30/month

5-Class Punch Pass Childcare Options: 

  • 1 kid:   +$15
  • 2 kids: +$30
  • 3 kids: +$45

* Childcare is available on a reservation-only basis beginning 11/11/2019.  It will be available for Tuesday-Thursday 9 am-12 pm classes.

**To place a reservation, contact INSPIRE directly by phone: 480-830-5955 or through email: The email subject line should read “FITclub Childcare”. The body should contain the # of kids, day/time of class, and if it’s the child’s first time attending. Childcare reservations must be made 24 hrs. in advance and must be confirmed by INSPIRE before attending. 

All classes will be held at our GILBERT campus on the east side (next to Rise Up Bakery).