Stretches which will Increase Flexibility and Help You Become a Better Dancer

At INSPIRE, we strive to help children reach their potential within their performing arts career. In the case of dancing, helping children become more flexible is extremely crucial to becoming a great dancer. In order to increase your flexibility it is important to stretch daily. Here are some great stretches which will help one to become a better dancer.

Quad and Hip Flexor Stretch

For this stretch get in a lunge position. Have one knee on the floor and then have your other leg in front with your foot flat upon the ground. You will feel the stretch in your quad of the leg which has its knee on the ground. To incorporate the hip flexor, turn the trunk of your body to the opposite side of the leg with its knee on the ground. Do the same on the other side afterwards. This stretch will help increase mobility of your hips and relieve any tightness in the quads.

Side Angle Pose

For this stretch you will almost get in the same lunge position as before except you won’t have your knee touching the ground. That leg will now be stretched as far back as you can with your toes pointed backwards. Then, on the same side as your leg stretched back, lift your arm on that side as high as you can pointing your fingers toward the sky. You can place your other hand on the ground to help increase your balance. Do the same on the other side afterwards. This will help stretch your glutes and increase mobility in your inner thigh.

Hamstring Stretch

For this stretch you will be standing up nice and tall. Then you cross one of your legs in front of the other. After doing this and getting well balanced, reach your arms down to the ground as far as you can. This will give a nice stretch on the hamstring of the leg which is crossed in front. Do the same steps except cross your other leg in front this time. Stretching your hamstrings will help with the range of motion of your hip while also increasing the mobility of your knee.

Cross Arm Stretch

For this stretch stand up nice and tall. Then have one arm reach out across your chest to the other side of your body. Then using your other arm, push around the elbow area in toward your chest to give a stretch right on your triceps. Stretching your triceps will increase the flexibility of your arms. It will loosen your arms up to be ready for any movement needed to be utilized in a dance.

Neck Stretch

In a lot of dances your head is going to be moving in all sorts of directions so keeping good flexibility in your neck is important. Taking time to drop your ear slowly to your shoulder will give a stretch right in your neck. Do this on both sides. This stretch will help increase the range of motion in your neck to be able to move with ease in your dances.

All these stretches will help anybody on their dancing journey. However, with stretching it is important to remember to not over stretch. You should never stretch a muscle to the point where you feel sharp pain.

We love to stay healthy and stretch our bodies at INSPIRE. We also love to stretch young minds and expand the vision of what they can become. Come try out a class for free and see what the arts can do for you!