Tips on How to Sing Higher

Ever have a song where you just can’t seem to hit the high note? If you want to learn to hit that note and sing higher, read on and find out all the little things which will make a big difference in helping you sing higher.

1. Vocal Techniques

Practicing your vocal techniques is vital when attempting to sing higher. Vocal technique is important in creating a variety in your voice and allowing yourself as a singer to reach new potentials. Practice techniques such as

 All of these techniques are going to help you reach the note you are striving for. However, it is important to try to practice these techniques daily in order to really get the voice you’re looking for.

2. Using Your Diaphragm

Using your diaphragm can be difficult to achieve but the work is worth the reward. Important steps include practicing breathing from your diaphragm in order to get used to this technique. Remember the diaphragm is muscle just like your biceps so it’s important to practice using it. Mastering this technique will help you to your goal of reaching high notes.

3. Vocal Range

Working on your vocal range is extremely important in helping you sing higher. It is crucial to first find your vocal range. You can do this with the help of a piano, or by downloading a music application onto your phone which will help track your range. After determining this, you can then begin working on expanding your vocal range. Doing this will help lead you on your way of reaching those high notes you have been striving for.

4. Hydration

Like anything else in your body, singing requires you to stay hydrated. When wanting to sing high notes it is important we keep our body hydrated to be ready to undergo this hefty task. Even adding a little bit of lemon to your water will help keep your vocal chords and throat refreshed to be ready to sing. However, it is also important to avoid drinks which will increase the mucus in your throat such as coffee. Staying properly hydrated will help you reach the high notes you have been working to get.

All of these tips will help you sing higher and what better place to reach these high goals than here at INSPIRE. With an amazing staff of talented and experienced singers, they will help lead you to those high notes you have been striving for.

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