It’s the conundrum of every singer, how can I sing higher and sound better? Here are a few tips and tricks you can start trying today to increase your range both up and down the scale.

  1. Always, always, always warm up.
    Dancers, athletes even synchronized swimmers all warm up before they perform. As a singer, it is vital that you stretch your voice before taking it for a jog.
  2. Practice vocal techniques.
    There are one million and one different ways to train your voice. From the lip buzz to solfege to the grand scale. Learn vocal warm ups and do them everyday.
  3. Practice often.
    A good singer can’t expect to sing like Michael Buble or Taylor Swift unless they practice everyday. The voice is a muscle. You need to work that muscle, stretch that muscle and keep it limber for the vocal gymnastics you’ll take it through.

  4. Watch videos.
    There is a wealth of knowledge out there. Watch a handful of videos and try the different techniques that are explored. If you’re not sure where to start, we did the hard work for you:

  5. Learn from the pros, even Celine Dion still has a vocal coach.
    You are never too good not to have extra help. Always be training, even if you can’t afford private voice, find a way to get coaching and help.

  6. Take private voice.
    Nothing will help you more than getting a teacher that knows how to sing and can help uncover your voice. There are many good vocal coaches in the east valley but we love and recommend our vocal coach, Sara Gibbons.

There are many ways to increase your vocal range, but these will be a good starting place. Most importantly, sing everyday and love every second you can!

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