How the Magical World of Theatre Can Benefit Your Child

“Great theatre is about challenging how we think and encouraging us to fantasize about a world we aspire to”

-William Defoe

Many people believe the only purpose of entering your child into theatre is if they hold aspirations of becoming a professional actor. Perhaps, this is true and your child will grow to become a Broadway star or be featured in award winning movies. However, even if this is not the case, the benefits of theatre in a growing child’s life go beyond the stage. At INSPIRE, we strive to make the theatre a place for children to grow and learn in order for them to become their best selves.


Growing up can be a scary time for a child at times. However, theatre helps boost a child’s confidence to be ready to tackle any challenge the world brings them. Theatre provides a safe environment filled with mentors and peers who are there to encourage each other into developing their confidence. Children learn to practice their craft until they have the confidence to perform in front of an audience of adults. It teaches kids to make mistakes and have the bravery to own up to those mistakes and overcome them. After learning to tackle all the pre-show anxieties, the performers will be able to go on with a life-long skill which will help children to become leaders ready to change the world.

Making Friends

In the theatre, the show will eventually end. The characters one played will be remembered but they will be gone when the final curtains close. However, the friends children make will be with them forever. This is the magic of the theatre, the connections it creates as one attempts to navigate through the chaos of growing up. It teaches kids to have empathy with one another in order to help each other grow. As mentioned before, growing up can be scary for a child at times. Though, what better way to go through those scary times than with amazing life-long friends. Theatre brings individuals of many different personalities together in a fun way. It teachers children to meet new people, socialize, and grow from one another.

History and Culture

The theatre has been dated back to around the time of the Ancient Greeks, therefore, kids learn all about the amazing history of humans throughout time. Children engaged in the theatre will be introduced to different histories and cultures of the world in a fun interactive way. Children will learn to approach the world with open perspectives and hold an appreciation for different cultures. Being exposed to this history will help children gain a better understanding of the world around them as well as a better understanding of themselves.

The Wonderful World of Theatre Awaits Your Child

Theatre is a powerful world which will enlighten your child and help them develop into their best self. While all these benefits will play an amazing role in your child’s life, theatre overall is just a fun place to be. The theatre has always been and will continue to be a magical place.

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