Dance Styles

One of the most amazing things about dance is all the styles you can choose from. However, sometimes with so many different styles it can be hard to pick one out from another. Here, we’ll explore 4 different styles of dance to find out what they are and where they come from.


Ballet is a style of dance which originated in 15th century Europe. It is an elegant form of dancing usually accompanied with classical music. The style includes lunging across the stage with grace and slow twirls of the body. There are different forms of ballet which exist in it as well. Ballet can even be used to tell a story. However you approach ballet, it is a crucial dance to helping individuals grow on their journeys.


Tap Dancing is a style of dance which deals with the heel and toes of a shoe hitting the floor to create a percussion sound. The style originates from different ethnic dances such as Irish jigs where people’s feet made up the percussion. This dance often uses syncopation, which means there are a variety of rhythms which exist throughout the dance. This style helps dancers improve their footwork as they begin to become more advanced dancers.


While it may seem obvious that jazz dancing has all to do with jazz music, this is not exactly the case. This style emerged from the United States as it arises from people dancing in jazz clubs. However, this style has evolved to be more associated with dancing to pop music. This style is all about blending popular ragtime moves such as the Charleston or the Lindy hop into a contemporary setting. These moves will definitely make you want to start stepping around.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop dancing emerged when the entire Hip Hop culture was growing in New York City. The dancing was created as a way for individuals to express themselves in movement towards hip hop music. The dancing was characterized by bouncing and rocks. This style is typically a faster dance style with more dynamic motions. Similar to jazz, this style has even evolved to not only be associated with hip hop music. The steps and moves in hip hop dancing can be applied to all sorts of music.

What makes dance so great is being able to blend all sorts of styles of dance to find a way to express yourself. Dance is all about telling who you are through movement. At INSPIRE each of these dances are taught by amazing instructors who can help you master these moves.

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