Dance and Athletic Ability

Many children throughout the world play sports and then continue to play them throughout their lives. When children engage in such activities, it is natural for parents to want to help their children to be the best they can be. Therefore, many parents enter their children into a variety of sports or have them work with trainers in order to help them on their athletic journey. Though, many should look no further than dance in leading their children to athletic excellence.

Why Dance?

Dance is amazing because of all the varieties of ways it helps to develop children’s athletic skills. Growing up children are curious, and go throughout all sorts of phases trying to figure out what they like. Kids try out basketball, gymnastics, soccer, ect. and learn to love each one as they go. Though, children usually end up picking a specific sport they want to follow in their athletic career. Dance provides skills which are necessary in every sport an athlete may eventually choose to follow. It is no wonder such talented athletes such as Serena Williams or Hope Solo have dangled in dance.


When playing a sport it is important to be at full energy in order to perform at one’s best. Therefore, endurance is key when wanting to become a great athlete. Dancing provides a fun way for children to work their muscles and increase their cardio. Dancing utilizes the whole body to engage in movements and gets the heart pumping. 


Flexibility is crucial to any sport and it is no secret dance helps each individual build theirs. Dances such as ballet increase an individual’s flexibility in order to help joints enact their full range of motion. The dances stretch the body out allowing children to complete all sorts of movements with ease. With an increased flexibility children will also be able to have better posture. Most importantly, the increase of flexibility helps to reduce the risk of injury in the athlete as they grow up.

Footwork and Coordination

Almost every sport is going to rely on feet and coordination. Now try to imagine a dance where these two elements are not needed. I’d imagine you probably can’t think of one, because all dances need this. Dancing helps children have quick footwork and top coordination and balance. A neurophysiology study even showed how dance changes how the brain works with the muscles in balance. As children grow they begin to lose their coordination, therefore, it is key for aspiring athletes to keep their balance on top. It’s very easy to see how dance will help children in their athletic careers.

While dance is a beautiful hobby in the arts, it also helps keep our bodies healthy and ready for all sorts of activities. So, if your child is an aspiring athlete and as a parent you just want to help them reach their potential, consider INSPIRE and how dance will lead them to athletic success.

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