Why Do Competitive Dance

Entering your child into competitive dance may be one of the best decisions you can make for them. While competitive dance can often be an investment in both time and finances, the amount of benefits a child receives make it all worthwhile.

Feeling of Accomplishment

Dance is so much more than winning trophies but these feelings of accomplishment are still so powerful. After practicing hard everyday to perfect your dance it is nice to see recognition from people outside of your studio. Even if you don’t win the competition it gives you opportunities to see what areas you can improve in and gain the motivation to come back even better.

Opportunities to Network

Dance competitions are filled with all sorts of networking opportunities. This is a perfect place for people who want to take their dancing to the next level. Dance competitions often have attendees such as agents, managers, and scouts from big dance schools. Creating these connections are crucial when trying to make your mark in the dancing industry.

Learn Teamwork

In order to be a part of a dance team it is crucial to be a team player. If one piece is missing the entire dance routine can fall apart so the dancer must learn to work with another. Young dancers learn to communicate and motivate each other in order to be ready to compete. They learn what it’s like to have people rely on them for their part. This is a key skill for people to learn as top companies such as Intel are looking for workers who know how to work on teams.

Creating a Family

After working with these teammates for so long, dancers begin to create a special bond with one another. The dancers on these teams end up making lifelong friendships. They build relationships where they learn to trust one another. They begin to see one another as a dance family.

Our INSPIRE Dance teams give opportunities for young dancers to have these benefits and even more. Head over to the page and see what team is right for your child.

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