$25/month – Dance & VP Prep/Academy – 1 hr class each week
$40/month – Music Theatre Academy – 1.5 hr class each week
Class descriptions below.

INSPIRE Clubs​ will provide music, dance, and theatre classes at each elementary Benjamin Franklin campus, with an additional theatre class at the High School. These clubs will be available for BFCS students, their siblings, and other community members who wish to participate in the clubs.

INSPIRE clubs will be an extension of our studio experience and will enable us to make the performing arts more accessible. As the program grows, and as space allows, we will add additional clubs such as tumbling, acting, and others, as well as offer more clubs at the High School level. We will do performances at the end of each semester for the parents to see what we have learned!

*Start time of clubs depends on school release time, as well as band, orchestra, sports, and other scheduled practices.

INSPIRE Club Descriptions

  • Music Theatre Academy​ will prepare students for the stage through a more rigorous and thorough understanding of the theatre arts. This class will perform two short musical productions throughout the year while spending additional time learning principles, performance techniques, and rules of theater that will help them improve as performers. Students in MT Academy will also gain a basic understanding of the technical arts; sound, lights, stage management, etc.
  • Ballet – ​Ballet requires discipline and hard work and ballet classes at INSPIRE are held to that standard. Our ballet classes provide a solid foundation as a dancer and training in all levels, including pointe. Ballet serves as the foundation for many other styles of dance, and we recommend that every dancer be enrolled in a ballet class.
  • Jazz –​ Jazz dancing is a form of dance that shows a dancer’s individual style and originality. Dancers will learn technique, leaps, and turns to incorporate into their dance routines. Our jazz classes provide training from Beginner to Advanced levels in a fun and energetic environment.
  • VP Prep – A Vocal Performance class for kids ages 6-9. Students will receive training in music, dance, and theater in a fun and safe atmosphere. They will have the opportunity to perform at the end of each semester.
  • VP Academy – A Vocal Performance class for kids ages 9-12 with a purpose to improve in music, dance, and theater skills. Students come each week to learn and sharpen their skills in the performing arts, all while having a blast. They will have the opportunity to perform at the end of each semester.