Why Christmas Music is so Special

To many people, Christmas is the best time of the year. The music is one of the reasons which makes this holiday so amazing. However, what is it that makes this music so special? Let’s explore why we treasure Christmas music so much.

Different music makes us feel different ways and with Christmas music there is all sorts of different music. Though two particular types of music make this holiday music so special. With Christmas music, there is cheerful music and moving music.

Cheerful Christmas music are songs such as Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer or Santa Clause is Coming to Town. These songs are filled with joy and lift up our spirits so we are prepared to celebrate the holiday with others. The lyrics are easy to follow and tell fun stories. A lot of these songs are easy tunes to learn on the piano and guitar so it allows for people to come together and all sing along.

There is also moving Christmas music which speaks more closely to the soul. Songs like Joy to the World and O Holy Night remind us why we celebrate Christmas in the first place. This type of music helps us feel the redemption which comes from Christ’s birth. The music is powerful. It allows us to celebrate the love God gave us. It makes us feel grateful, joyous, and sometimes makes us tear up. These songs are an important reason why Christmas music makes us feel so happy.

Importantly, Christmas music just taps into our nostalgia. When music speaks about Santa Clause, we think about our Christmas mornings when we wake up to presents under the tree. When we hear about snow, we think about spending time by the fire warming up with family members. When we hear about God’s generosity, we think about our family prayers before Christmas meals giving thanks for all our blessings.

Music is such an important part of the Christmas season. So come to INSPIRE, and celebrate the most wonderful time of the year through one of its best traits.

Let us know why you treasure Christmas music and leave us some of your favorite songs in the comments below!

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