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Helping Children with Learning Disabilities Express Themselves Through Art

For children with special needs, art can be a valuable form of expression and a source of confidence. It helps children develop their fine motor skills, learn visual-spatial skills, and practice their problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Art inspires children with learning disabilities to try new things and take risks. It allows them to be inventive without fear of failure, giving them a boost in self-esteem they carry with them into other areas of their lives. Help kids with learning disabilities get involved with the arts so they can enjoy these wonderful benefits.

Get Them Involved in Community Art Programs

Most public schools offer arts instruction, which can be particularly helpful for families on a budget. Perhaps your child can join a school band or orchestra. Or, maybe you can have them attend an after-school art class. If your school doesn’t offer anything like this, look for local art teachers in your area. You can talk to nearby art colleges to get advice about where to find art instructors. The college faculty may even offer private lessons themselves. You can also attend community performances and hang around afterward to find out about any lessons and kids programs available in your area.

Provide Plenty of Creative Materials in the Home

Having art materials ready for your child will encourage them to get creative. Either set up an art caddy with supplies that they can take anywhere or have a dedicated art space that is always ready for creation.

Below are some supplies that are perfect for kids who are new to art:

  • Watercolor pencils
  • Chalk
  • Oil pastels
  • Tempura paint
  • Clay

Don’t forget to include kid-safe scissors and glue so they can have fun cutting and pasting shapes. If your kid has trouble with scissors, look for self-opening scissors, table scissors, or training scissors. You may also want to provide a variety of materials for your kids to draw and paint on. For example, different kinds of paper, wood, or art canvases can help your child get creative in new ways.

Discuss Art with Your Child

According to Artful Parent, you should ask your child to tell you about their artwork instead of just complimenting it. They’re likely to open up about what it means and describe what kinds of feelings inspired them to make it. Exposing your child to various forms of art will help them learn about different techniques and develop an appreciation for different styles. To do this, try taking them to a local art museum and pointing out street art that you come across. Even billboards and magazines contain examples of art that your child may not have noticed. Seeing all the various ways that can be created will get them excited about bringing their own ideas to life.

Help Them Pick Out a Musical Instrument

According to Connolly Music, learning a musical instrument helps children with disabilities engage in positive forms of social communication and can help develop various brain functions. It helps children with learning disabilities remember sequences and concentrate on patterns. Plus, creating music can provide valuable emotional empowerment for the young musician.

Ask your child what kinds of musical instruments they are interested in. Then, consider the personality and body type of your child. Some instruments, such as a flute or trumpet, are better options for extroverted kids. Children who are more introverted and shy may prefer piano or violin. Smaller children tend to find the bassoon or tuba too bulky, while those with short fingers may struggle on the piano. For beginners, saxophones and clarinets are great options. Take your child to a music store and have them try out different instruments to get a feel for what suits them best. Most importantly, have fun with it!

Getting your child involved in the arts is a great way to support their cognitive and physical development. It’s also a perfect way to spend quality time together. Try getting out the paints and creating pictures with your kid or engaging in fun discussions with them at an art museum. This is a sure way to get them excited about art, and you’ll likely enjoy getting creative as well!

How Better Support Will Help You Be a Better Singer
From our Facebook Workshop Series

In a nutshell our workshop tonight was this: the more support you have, the bigger your range (how high and low you can sing) can be.

So to help illustrate what support is, think of a hose. When you turn on the hose, water comes out right? Right. But what happens when you bend the hose in half? What happens to the flow of water? You’re right, the flow is slowed down to a drippy drip drop. The goal in singing is to keep the water (or air when you sing) flowing so that the sound is supported.

Now think of two different chairs in your mind. One is a metal chair and the other is a swivel office chair. Now stand on the swivel chair. How do you feel? Secure? Do you feel like you can jump up and down and be ok? No way! Now stand on the metal chair. How do you feel? Much more secure right?

These two illustrations help us see that with the right support we can have a stronger sound and be more comfortable with taking risks as we sing.

Exercises to do at home to improve support with your voice:

  • Lay on your back on a hard surface. Place two heavy books on your stomach. Now take a good low breath and pretend you’re a balloon that has a small leak and slowly let out the air.
  • Monotone Singing. Choose a note, any note and count as high as you can while singing that one note just using one breath. Then repeat that and try to count higher and high each time.
  • Listen to opera singers and be a copycat. Sing along and try to sing like they do.

Thanks for tuning in to our workshop series! Comment below or on Facebook with questions you have about performing and what you’d like to see or learn in the future!

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Are you looking for something for your kids to do this summer–look no further! There are many summer camps and reasons to get your kids out in the community and staying busy this summer. Here are 10 reasons, in no particular order, that you should sign up your kids for one of INSPIRE Entertainment’s Summer Music/Dance Camps.

10. Performance Skills

This summer we are excited to help your children learn to become performers not just singers or dancers. They will get opportunities to be a part of a team/group. They will be building scenes together, mastering incredible music, and dancing till they drop…and then they will be begging you for more.

Learning these performing skills can  greatly impact  their school and personal lives for the better. It will help improve your child’s social interactions, their confidence, their self esteem, and their ability to communicate. Give your child a boost in life by bringing them to our camps!

9. Some Needed Free Time for You

You need some time this summer, now that the kids are out of school, to get things done. Why not drop them off at INSPIRE Entertainment’s brand new facility and give them an opportunity to not only have fun but learn a LOT about themselves, others, and the power of music and performance.

Leave your kids with us and have confidence in knowing that it will be well worth your time, money, and go out and do something for yourself!

8. Community Relationships 

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 2.22.18 PM

Being a part of INSPIRE Entertainment means that you know that your kids will also be a part of building their community. We love to not only perform in our community but also give back by getting involved in local service projects.

INSPIRE also loves to bring in community members to help our students learn and grow from others. We do workshops all the time that help students to get connected to other types of performing (Comedy, Opera, Disney, etc) and build strong ties with their community.

INSPIRE Entertainment is here to provide your children with a one-stop shop at getting diverse opportunities to learn, grow, and perform without having to leave Arizona.

7. Building Friendships

Think back to your most treasured friendship. such. great.memories, right?  Being a part of a team, creating memories together, performing as a group, watching your friends overcome insecurities, setting goals and reaching them…all of these things and more are part of what we aim to do with your children this summer.

INSPIRE Entertainment isn’t just about learning to dance, act, and sing–it is about so much more. We want to build character, respect, and create an environment that invites change, vulnerability, and so much more!

6.  Dance It Out

Do your kids get all kinds of restless and wiggly at home with nothing to do now that school is out? Are they knocking over your furniture and begging you to take them outside or to the park to play? What about dropping them off at one of our summer camps where they can dance it all out!

Connie Bergstein Dow wrote in “The Power of Creative Dance”, Evidence is mounting about the benefits of movement in the learning process. Creative dance is the perfect vehicle for enhancing the mind-body connection in young children and an important part of early education…The creative arts, by definition, nurture these aspects of developing children. Movement allows young children to approach tasks through the body, or kinesthetically, and come up with new questions, new answers, and innovative solutions.”

5.  So Much Fun!

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 2.01.51 PM

We LOVE to have fun! If your kids are looking for a place to get out their wiggles and have fun JOIN US this summer! WE have dancing, singing, performing, and so much more. Our staff is trained in working with children and teens and we love to see them smiling, laughing, and most of all, wanting to come back for more!

4.  Incredibly Experienced & Talented Staff

Did you know that each and every staff member at INSPIRE Entertainment has over 12+ years of experience in music/dance performance. Check out The Team on our website to discover how much talent we have packed into one place.

We have Disney Princesses, Teachers that have performed all over the world, on cruises, in BYU’s Vocal point and Young Ambassadors. We have incredible dance, musical theater, and vocal coaches who have not only performed for years but have music education and teaching degrees as well.

When you children work with our staff they will get the best of all we have to offer and more. We continue to bring in new talent, offer fun educational workshops, and our staff are always honing in on their crafts!

3. Brain Power

Just because your kids aren’t in school doesn’t mean they need to stop working their brains. Being involved in summer music/dance camps keeps your kids’ brains going all summer long!

“Because making music also involves crafting and understanding emotional content and message-musicians often have higher levels of executive functioning.” (Anita Collins)

“Music has been known to alleviate stress by increasing the body’s release of endorphins—the feel good chemicals. New research also reveals that music produces powerful effects on the brain, promoting cognitive development, verbal skills and emotional intelligence.”  (Mary Desaulniers)

2Confidence & Self Esteem Building


In a recent INSPIRE Entertainment Blog post, “How Performance builds confidence & Self Esteem”, we found “students who were highly involved with the arts outperformed less-involved peers, even within low socioeconomic groups. Music, in particular, helps provide children with improved classroom skills, including critical thinking, creative problem solving, team work, and effective communication.”

This means that when your kids come to our summer camps not only will they have fun, make new friends, and learn a lot about music and performance but they will also build their confidence and self esteem!

1. Making Dreams Come True

With shows like “American Idol”, “The Voice”, “So You Think You Can Dance”, “Dancing With The Stars” and so much more your kids are growing up with dreams of being dancers, entertainers, singers, performers, and so much more. They want to learn more but you’re not sure where to start.

Make your kid’s dreams come true by enrolling them in our summer camps! They will find adventure, fun, friends, and begin or continue an amazing journey that will take them to places they can’t imagine!

All Summer Camps will be held at the INSPIRE Entertainment Studio – 3244 E Guadalupe Rd Ste 108 Gilbert, AZ 85234. Meals will not be provided, so please make sure you eat breakfast before coming to camp each day and bring snacks or a lunch if needed throughout the day. There will be breaks periodically throughout each day.   Register NOW!

“Music has been known to alleviate stress by increasing the body’s release of endorphins—the feel good chemicals. New research also reveals that music produces powerful effects on the brain, promoting cognitive development, verbal skills and emotional intelligence.”  (Mary Desaulniers)


I think most people recognize that music is powerful, that it is important to have in our children’s schools, that it teaches discipline, and allows children to express emotions they can’t in other avenues of their lives. But, did you know that music can actually reduce anxiety and help children focus?

On January 5, 2015 I read an article in The Strad called, “Study Finds Musical Training May Focus Attention and Reduce Anxiety in Children” where Psychiatrists at the University of Vermont college of Medicine monitored 232 children between the ages of 6-18 to see how music affects their brains. What they found was remarkable. “Music practice influenced cortical thickness related to ‘executive functioning, including working memory, attention control, as well as organisation and planning for the future’. In children with musical backgrounds the brain was affected ‘in areas that play a critical role in inhibitory control, as well as aspects of emotion processing’.”

“Music . . . can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable.” (Leonard Bernstein)

In other words, children that get involved with music, especially those that are asked to practice music, are helping their brains to develop in a way that lead to less anxiety, better thinking, emotional communication, and so much more. This study says that music is more than just fun–it is way for parents to help their children do better in school, with their peers, and in life! Dr. James Hudziak, professor of psychiatry and director of the Vermont Center for Children, Youth, and Families, who led this study noted,

Three quarters of US high school students ‘rarely or never’ take extracurricular lessons in music or the arts. ‘Such statistics, when taken in the context of our present neuroimaging results underscore the vital importance of finding new and innovative ways to make music training more widely available to youths, beginning in childhood.’

INSPIRE Entertainment offers an opportunity for kids, beginning at an early age, to learn music and movement in creative and innovate ways, thus also helping them to develop patterns in their brains that will later help them focus in school and have less anxiety!


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