Krista Foutz – Studio Director and Hip Hop Director

Krista is the studio director and hip hop director at INSPIRE Entertainment. She is grateful to get to work with so many amazing and talented people and loves the families at INSPIRE. Krista has taken a special interest in the style of Hip Hop and is also excited to start the new INSPIRE Hip Hop Crew, which will be a competitive Hip Hop team.

Krista has been teaching dance & gymnastics for 30 years. Some of her students have gone on to become professional dancers, Disney performers, Rockettes, cast of Cirque du Soleil, Phoenix Suns Dancers, as well as attended amazing art schools like Juilliard. She was born and raised in Arizona. She was Head Pom in high school and choreographed their State Competition routines. She was chosen as an All-American Pom with the National Cheerleading Association and was awarded the opportunity to perform at the Aloha Bowl in Hawaii with the young Bruno Mars. She then attended college and became the assistant Pom Coach at her former high school. She also choreographed many college musicals and scholarship pageants in the state during this time.

After college she opened up her own dance studio in Northern Arizona. She learned the business and how to run a dance studio. After Krista sold her dance studio, and moved to Mesa, she joined the staff at Campbell’s Dance Studio. There she remained for 18 years where she helped to run the Dance Company and organize performances. She later became the Director of the Phoenix Suns performances, which she did for several years with Campbell’s. She was asked to speak at several Phoenix Suns events put on by their organization because of all of her years working with the Suns and providing performance opportunities for children.

During her time at Campbell’s she learned all she could from her mentor, Frances Campbell, about providing a “safe harbor” for children to train at. Krista loves the performing arts and wants all families to feel welcome at INSPIRE. She is passionate about helping children of all ages to use their dance talents for good. She enjoys teaching them that you don’t have to compromise your standards to accomplish goals and be successful. Krista’s favorite past times are hiking and riding crazy roller coasters, which she enjoys with her husband Brent and their 2 awesome sons, Trey and Crew ( who have also been known to bust a move or two).