Dance and Happiness

With dancing making our world more joyful it is no surprise dancing also has amazing benefits on our mental health. Through science it shows us all the amazing ways dancing makes us healthier happy individuals.

Building Confidence

Many dancers often have great confidence. Dancing takes a lot of dedication as the practice can sometimes be vigorous. Memorizing and perfecting the steps can feel daunting. However, dancers overcome these challenges to then perform gracefully on the stage. This builds up the dancer’s confidence in themselves as they see what they can accomplish when they work hard. This confidence is then transferred to other parts of their lives including school and other extracurricular activities they do. This allows them to take on the world with ease and live happier lives.

Happy Brain Chemicals

Dancing will make you feel good when you are moving your body around. This is because dancing is a physical activity which releases endorphins. Endorphins are a natural brain chemical which makes you feel emotions such as happiness. Research has even shown that dancing tends to release more endorphins than other aerobic exercises.

Reduce Stress

Everyone gets stressed. However, research shows that dance is able to reduce our cortisol level which essentially means our stress goes down. It’s no surprise too. When you step on to the stage or plug your headphones in and decide to dance around your room, the problems of the world seem to disappear for a moment. Now, science even shows us there is a reason for why we feel less stressed after we finish a dance.

Expressing Yourself

Many people struggle simply with finding ways to express themselves. And it’s important to find an outlet to let all that tension out or just let the world know who they are. Dance gives kids this outlet to let the world know how they feel. This is why dance matters to kids. When they get to express themselves they tend to be happier versions of themselves.

It’s no wonder INSPIRE is filled with so many smiles. So come and fill your life with happiness and all the amazing joy dance brings.

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