Music Classes

Private Voice

Elite training in all vocal types.

1 hour and 30 min classes available.

Price per lesson starting at $20.

Group Voice Lessons

Group voice lessons offer an excellent introduction to vocal study. Classes include exercises that help to develop a healthy vocal technique, expand range, build power, control, and over time, a beautiful singing tone. Group lessons provide an opportunity for singing in front of other people on a regular basis, building performance skills, and gaining confidence as a performer. All singers will benefit from working on exercises, learning songs, and developing performance skills through group lessons.

Private & Group Guitar Lessons

A group setting is a great way to learn how to play guitar but if one on one works better for you, we have that too! Group classes are targeted more towards beginners. If you’re looking for some more intermediate to advanced training, we suggest setting up a private lesson by calling the office.

Private Piano

If you’re new to the piano or wanting to brush up on an old talent, we have the right teacher for you. Our lessons include a comprehensive understanding of theory, technique and piano performance.

30 min lessons offered for $20 per lesson.

Vocal Performance Company

INSPIRE’s Vocal Performance Company is comprised of two audition-only groups: AMPLIFY (ages 10-13) and ELEVATE (ages 14-18). These groups have the opportunity to perform around the valley, tour internationally, and participate in workshops with professionals in the performing arts industry.

Our goal is to teach superior performance techniques while maintaining a healthy life balance; all in a positive, uplifting environment. Then encouraging our students to use their gifts for good; to help others and inspire them with their new talents.