How Jester’Z Inspires

INSPIRE Entertainment was excited to invite Jester’Z over to help our students with improvisation.  “Since 2001 JesterZ Improv has been the leader of Improv comedy in the Phoenix Metro area. Whether you have performed as a Jester, taken one of the classes or been to our weekly shows, you know the value of JesterZ Improv […]

The Power of Piano Lessons

I started playing the piano when I was 7 years old. I hated it! It was hard, repetitive, and I never wanted to play the songs my teacher picked out for me to play. I thought my mom was the meanest mom in the world for torturing me with piano lessons. She told me that her […]

The Mental Benefits of Music

           “Because making music also involves crafting and understanding emotional content and message-musicians often have higher levels of executive functioning.” (Anita Collins) Have you ever wondered what music actually does to your brain? Did you know that music affects multiple parts of your brain like “fireworks” when listening to it but […]

Music & Movement

Here at INSPIRE Entertainment we want to provide a place where children of all ages can come play, move, sing, explore their creative minds, and move their wiggly bodies. Literature is full of studies that tell us that children are healthier and happier if they are moving and using music in their lives. From her blog post, […]


“Music has been known to alleviate stress by increasing the body’s release of endorphins—the feel good chemicals. New research also reveals that music produces powerful effects on the brain, promoting cognitive development, verbal skills and emotional intelligence.”  (Mary Desaulniers)   I think most people recognize that music is powerful, that it is important to have […]

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