Our Mission

INSPIRE Entertainment is the premier performing arts program in the Phoenix Valley. We are taking music arts to a higher level, creating a standard of excellence in everything we do, and generating opportunities for individuals to perform without having to leave Arizona.

We help mold inspiring and professional entertainers and musicians through education, instruction, and performance.

About Us

At the heart of INSPIRE we believe in building community, inspiring positivity, and encouraging hope. We plan to achieve this by establishing long-lasting programs through our music education and youth development programs.

INSPIRE Entertainment provides high quality education and instruction in music, dance and theater for all ages. We also believe in giving back through serving others and performing with the goal to uplift, encourage and inspire.

Left to right: Taani Farnsworth, LaDawn Pettitt, Michael Sackett, Krista Foutz, Shelley Van Shaar, Eric Sackett